A note from the Peace Corps of Nigeria to the General Public


You have carefully followed Readings of the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill from the Hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly; you have also celebrated with us on the timely passage of the Bill. Now you know Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) – the true PEACE CORPS in Nigeria (not National Unity and Peace Corps.) You also, can now clearly distinguish between the Recruitment Form of both organizations as the name and other distinctively features, show the difference.

With clarity on which organization stands authentic and waiting Presidential ascent, I implore you to carefully reach out to the various Peace Corps of Nigeria Command Offices (ONLY), to pick the PCN Recruitment Forms. DO NOT PURCHASE ON THE STREETS or a passive open market. The forms cost N1,500 ONLY. Do not pick it at a cost higher than N1,500 (amount boldly written at the base of the front right hand corner of every form). Any other charge is strictly at your discretion and not a legal representation of the PCN sales policy.

Should there be complaint of extortion, State Command or Headquarter location; scarcity or challenge of any other kind, in obtaining the form(s), reach me on these numbers: 08095939192, 08036239736, 08074789687 or send a whatsapp chat on the MTN line. Your complaints will meet needed guides from me. For effective weeding, it pays to nip at the bud so save us the resources to clamp down on Sales Agents with outrageous and extra-high charges. PLEASE, pick PCN Forms from our Command Offices and Help us maintain her integrity. We are one of Peace Men!

10 Comments on “A note from the Peace Corps of Nigeria to the General Public

  1. Morning Sir With Due Respect Are U Saying National Unity And Peace Corps Is Not A True Peace Corps Association? Remember When D National Assembly Passed D Bill It Recommend That The Two (pcn &nupec) Be Merged Together. Pls Respect The Able National Assembly And Also Note That National Unity And Peace Corps Was Licenced And Supervised Under Ministry Of Interior. We Are Peace Makers And Should Be Careful Of Conflicting Statement.

  2. It is nice to read such patriotic piece of information to the public. It is educating. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Congratulations NPC! Rabiu Bena from Birnin Kebbi.

  3. what happens next after the purchase of the form. in Ebonyi State applicants are asked to pay forty thousand naria (40,000) for training uniform decoration . it the right thing to do pay for training and uniform?

  4. The two bills were merged to become Nigeria Peace Corps. Why are you making it look like National Peace and Unity Corps is illegal. Don’t forget some people registered under that name.

  5. Good day sir/ma, please i want to know the exactly date NPC KWARA COMMAND wil fix for TRAIN because it was postpone last YEAR DECEMBER 9 2016.Uptill now am not hear anything again.

  6. Good day sir,pls, am having challenge of geting the peace corps form in ibadan, i was directed to come to abuja for the form.pls,kindly help us.

  7. Good day Dr. Dickson alot of person are interested to get the form here in Edo state and the form is scarce and sold for outradious amount.what should we do?

  8. sir, iwant to joint nigeria peace corps am HABU A BABA by name, from GOMBE STATE. i have deploma in local goverment. my contact 4 07081478616\0/0 (07081478616)

  9. Morning sir i’m patriot Awelewa Veronica from Kwara State pls sir those that are taking form now,prepare to go to camp now sir are they not to pay d forty thousand naira (40,000) for camp. Pls sir i need more enlightenment.

  10. In Abuja the said PCN forms are being sold for 50000.
    What is the head of PCN doing about it, cos I’m sure he must have heard about it?
    I wanted to get the form today for myself since I’m a fresh graduate but the fee scared me away

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