The Peace Corps of Nigeria has commenced a vigorous fundraising drive towards the completion of its premier academy. In a statement issued by the National Public Relations Officer of the Corps, Patriot Millicent Umoru, the organization had earlier secured the title deeds of a 14-hectare land at Ogoli-Ugboju, Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State, where the academy is sited. Already, the perimeter fencing, security post and some basic infrastructure have been provided at the site of the academy.

The cost of building and furnishing the pilot phase of the academy is estimated at Three Hundred and Fifty Million Naira only (N350,000,000.00). However, the total cost of setting-up and equipping the academy is projected at One Billion, Two Hundred Million Naira only (N1,200,000,000.00).

Patriot Umoru further stated that the Peace Corps Academy was conceived in line with the organization’s quest to support the poverty alleviation/job creation efforts of the Nigerian government, promote the attainment of selected targets of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria, and further advance the Corp’s mission of promoting National Creativity, Peace and Youth Development. The academy, as revealed by Patriot Umoru, is envisioned to contribute significantly to peace-building efforts and the mitigation of insecurity in Nigeria, by empowering youths with the relevant skills to be self-reliant and employable, thereby curbing youth idleness and predisposition to social vices.

The statement further indicated that the Peace Corps Academy will offer among others, comprehensive and incisive tuition-free Entrepreneurial and Vocational Training, Leadership and Citizenship Training and Moral/Ethical Value Reorientation to 2,500 eligible Nigerian youths per quarter, across religious, cultural, ethnic and tribal spectrums. The academy will equally accord special attention to the reorientation of youths from Internally Displaced Persons’ camps across the country, prior to their reintegration into the society.

Some of the facilities of the proposed Peace Corps Academy include an administrative block; lecture halls; laboratories, workshops and Multimedia Studios; a high-capacity auditorium/events centre; students’ dormitories; a cafeteria; a sick bay; a church and a mosque; a variety of residential quarters for staff and visitors; blocks of shops; a recreational area; a standard football pitch, among others.

The statement concluded with an appeal to the Nigerian government, non-governmental organizations, international development partners, donor agencies, public and private sector establishments and private individuals of goodwill, for financial and material support towards the actualization of premier Peace Corps Academy.


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